Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Medical Update

Last week's MRI came back with a lot of suspicious areas on it in both breasts and in the lymph nodes, so on Monday I had several areas scanned with ultrasound. The doctors ended up doing a needle biopsy on a 2cm lymph node (which, thankfully, came back negative), but they still have concerns about the other lymph nodes. The doctors are also suspicious of a lump in my right breast. I will have an MRI needle biopsy of that on Monday morning. 

My surgeon and oncologist have discussed my case extensively together as well as with another team of doctors. While the original plan was to do surgery first and then chemotherapy, the MRI and ultrasound scans have been so ambiguous (because of my recent pregnancy) that they are now suggesting that I do the chemotherapy first - probably beginning sometime next week. That will hopefully give my body time to readjust from pregnancy and allow them to get more reliable scan results of everything - and hopefully shrink the tumor as well. So later this week I will be meeting with my oncologist to decide what type of chemo I will have.