Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Past Couple Weeks

It has been a while since I have posted any updates on the blog, so here are a few highlights of the past couple weeks: 
  • On Sunday, June 19th, I went into the ER because of a severe allergic reaction I was having to a medication I had just started. Apparently, I can now add a penicillin allergy to my list of weird allergies I have gotten since my being diagnosed with cancer last October.
  • On Monday, June 20th, I began a week-long adventure of teaching a class of fifteen 4 year-olds at our church’s VBS program.
  • I have been having radiation treatments every weekday for the past three weeks and have been very thankful for how well it has been going. I have not had any side effects to the treatments other than a little fatigue. Praise the Lord! Fourteen treatments down and another twenty-one to go!
  • On Sunday, June 26th, I played the piano for the worship services at our church. It was a great joy to be able to help out and it went well - apart from messing up on my introduction to the Doxology!
  • On Monday, June 27th, Bethany, the kids, and I drove up to North Carolina with the Jr. and Sr. High students from our church. The students are attending a camp at Ridge Haven, a camp and conference center owned by the PCA. I was not originally planning on going to Ridge Haven, but a few days before my doctor agreed to let me skip a day or two of treatments so that I could go.  
  • We a great time at Ridge Haven – we went hiking and swimming, enjoyed games and worship times with the students, and got to try out an amazing 100-foot long waterslide! We did get some bumps and bruises, though – I sprained my left ring finger while playing basketball (the doctor said if it swells up any more they are going to have to cut my wedding ring off) and Lydia took a tumble down some concrete stairs. I guess those things are always part of the true camp experience!

  • Bethany, the kids, and I had to return home yesterday (Wednesday, June 29th) so that I could resume my radiation treatments. Matt will return with the students on Friday.
In many ways my life is currently dominated by my cancer. My treatment effects my overall health (managing medications, side effects, allergies) and my daily life (going to appointments, avoiding too much exposure to the sun, returning early from trips). But while my cancer does dominate my life these days, it certainly does not define my life. I am so thankful that I have still be able to do so many things I enjoy (caring for my kids, playing piano in church, helping with church activities, going on trips). There are so many people who are incredibly limited by various health issues, and so I do not for granted the gift it is to be able to remain active in the things I love. God is good!