Friday, February 10, 2012

Medical Update

I have been recovering so well since my last surgery. All I can be is thankful! I think I have been overcompensating for the lack of energy that I have had in the past year. I have been enjoying cooking and doing a lot of crafts and organization projects (especially from Pinterest!). And I have been enjoying working with kids at church teaching children's choir, teaching a Wednesday night class and working with the youth kids. God has been so good to me in allowing me to serve in His church in these ways. 

A few weeks ago I also had the opportunity to spend a few days in Florida with my mom and her husband, Ned. It was a sweet time of enjoying God's creation and relaxing (except for Samuel being sick with strep and an ear infection...but he was a trooper!).

I met with my surgeon this past Tuesday and we decided to go ahead and do one more minor surgery to complete my reconstruction. To help us avoid hospital charges, my surgeon has arranged to do the surgery in his office using local anesthesia. I would appreciate your prayers for this surgery, especially that my pain tolerance will be high! The surgery should take place sometime in April.