Saturday, February 25, 2012


The kids and I have been doing a lot of work on different arts and crafts projects over the past few weeks.  Lydia loves it when I say, "Come to the table, it is time for a project!" The kids are constantly reminding me that they have a plan for how their artwork will turn out, even though when I see it all I can do is smile and nod, and trust that they really do have a plan for their artwork. 
I have been reminded through a friend's words that we are God's masterpieces, His perfect artwork. Sometimes, well, most of the time I don't feel like anything even remotely resembling a masterpiece. But for some amazing reason that is what we are to Him! My broken body is actually a masterpiece!? That's amazing! And He is continually working on us, and when we or others think he is done with us...he molds us and makes us even more like him. What a loving, sovereign God we have.
God is creating a masterpiece in our lives that we cannot see. If an artist has not finished a painting, it would not make sense for us to juge the painting prematurely. But we judge our lives prematurely by not remembering that God is working on us. He is working to mature us and sanctify us every day!Because of that truth I have hope in this world and the next.

I have been working on a lot of crafts, cooking, and organizational projects lately. I have decided to start another blog with pictures and simple directions of ideas inspired by a stay at home mother of 3.  If that is something that interests you my blog is